The shooting for youth icon Janhvi Kapoor’s upcoming movie was briefly stalled after a group of protesting farmers insisted her to comment publicly on the farmers’ protests.

At the time of this incident, Janhvi was at the location in Punjab, shooting for Sidharth Sengupta directed ‘Good Luck Jerry’ being produced by Colour Yellow Productions.

According to the DSP of Bassi Pathana, Sukhminder Singh Chauhan the incident took place on Monday after a group of farmers reached the film’s sets for a rather ‘peaceful’ protest. In an interview with PTI, Chauhan mentioned, “The shooting had stopped for two-three hours on January 11. There wasn’t anything major. Around 20-30 people had reached the set. It was a peaceful agitation. All they wanted was an assurance of support from them (the actors). When they did, the shoot was resumed. It was mutually resolved. Now the shoot is going on smoothly.”

The ‘Dhadak’ star took to social media and shared a story on Instagram to show her support to the farmers. It said, “Farmers are at the heart of our country. I recognise and value the role that they play in feeding our nation. I hope a resolution is reached soon that benefits the farmers.”

Braving the harsh weather, thousands of farmers, mostly belonging to the states of Punjab and Haryana, are put at multiple border areas over Delhi, in demand of absolute repeal of the highly controversial three farm laws alongside the legal guarantee of MSP for the crops they own and harvest.

These farm laws were enacted in the month of September 2020, being projected by the Centre as some major reforms in our agricultural sector to do away with the existing middlemen, thereby allowing the farmers to sell what they produce at any location within the country.

However, the agitated farmers have been expressing their views and apprehend that these new laws are certain to carve the road towards elimination of the safety cushion surrounding the MSP and eliminate the concept of ‘Mandi’ system (wholesale market), thereby leaving these poor souls at the great mercy of bigshot corporates.

The Supreme Court ordered on Tuesday, a stay regarding the implementation of these new laws in hope for this to put an end to the prolonged protests undertaken by the agitated farmers. It also constituted a panel of agricultural experts, comprising four members in order to resolve the matter between the leaders and the Centre.