Actor Kavita Kaushik took us by surprise when she recently went public by declaring that her arch-rival, Rubina Dilaik should lift the grand trophy of Bigg Boss 14.

We are curious to know what made Kavita feel so.

Ardent Bigg Boss fans who have been following the season from the start are well aware of the fierce vibes between the two TV stars.

Going by the fact that Rubina and Kavita could not tolerate each other’s presence in the house, nobody would ever think of the two getting along cordially and probably exchanging sober words for one another.

What came across as a big surprise to viewers was Kavita’s words about her arch-enemy deserving to win the glorious trophy. Kavita took to her social media handle to share some photos from her visit to Kumbh where she seemed to immerse herself in the Ganga. In an attempt to take a dig at her, someone posted a comment requesting Kavita to wait and drown herself only after Rubina is declared the winner of the show.

In the words of the user, “Arey Arey Arey Pehle Rubi ko trophy lete hue tho dekhlo tab dubbne ka sochna itni jldi kya h Waise Paap dhona acha h”

Kavita took it sportingly and responded that Rubina should certainly win the trophy, owing to her patience to tolerate insults hurled at her over the long duration of the show. Completely agreeing with the user that Rubina Dilaik should indeed emerge as the winner, she wrote “Trophy unko hi milni chahiye, unse zyaada beizzati itne din na koi Seh sakta hai aur na hi koi kar sakta hai, mai toh bilkul bhi nahi, so don’t worry I agree with you on this” A content fan commented, “Chalo at least you are agreeing that she was wrongly targeted all this while!”

Another wrote, “Totally Agreed with @Iamkavitak”

Meanwhile, it is not unknown to anyone now that Rubina Dilaik has garnered an enormous fan base globally all over social media. Fans have already crowned her the winner of this season. They are the first ones to shower her with tremendous love and support whenever the actor is seen to be targeted by other housemates.