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Mehrma Ve: Ustad Puran Shahkoti’s Debut Punjabi Masterpiece with Sons and Bollywood Star Ayesha Hasme

Ustad Puran Shah ji and his sons, Master Saleema and Peji Shahkoti, will release their track ‘Mehrma Ve’ on January 24, 2024

Chandigarh, 22nd January 2024: Ustad Puran Shahkoti Ji, the legendary figure in the world of Punjabi music, along with his two sons, Master Saleem and Peji Shahkoti, come together to create a masterpiece, a song, “Mehrma Ve ”. This song is written by Vijay Dhammi, and the music is composed by Gurmeet Singh, while the song is directed by Sandeep Sharma. This project will mark a debut for the music label “Probeats.” The entire project will be presented by the well-known producer and maker, Angad Singh. Moreover, through this project, the famous actress from Dubai, Ayesha Hasme, is going to start her new career in Punjab along with Gurtej Johal, Tarzen and Parvez Heer.

Ayesha Hasme

Ustad Puran Shah Koti Ji, an honorable figure that needs no introduction, has made an indelible mark with his soulful Sufi renditions. Born into a family of musicians, he was gifted with a melodious voice and a deep understanding of music.

Ustad Ji’s journey cannot be defined without the challenges he had to face. His unique teaching style, devoid of any ‘technical method’, earned him the respect of many renowned Punjabi singers. He has been a mentor to popular Punjabi singers like Hans Raj Hans, Jasbir Jassi, and his own son, Master Saleem. Ustad Ji’s contribution to Punjabi music goes beyond his own performances. His aim was to make the upcoming generation aware of Sufism, classical music, and singing.

Ayesha Hasme

His legacy is still intact and preserved by his sons, Master Saleem and Peji Shahkoti worldwide, who have built themselves a position in the music industry by popularizing Sufi music to preserve rich musical heritage.

Ayesha Hashme, a name that resonates with charm and beauty, is a Dubai-based actress who has made significant strides in the Bollywood. Known for her captivating performances and enchanting presence evident in many music projects, her talent and dedication soon catapulted her to fame. One of the most notable milestones in Ayesha’s career would be her debut collaboration with the legendary Ustad Puran Shahkoti Ji and his two sons, which marks her first project in the Punjabi industry, further expanding her repertoire and showcasing her versatility as an actress.



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