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Mitran da Naa Chalda a Movie with a Message to the Society

Mitran da Naa Chalda a Movie with a Message to the Society

Review -The film was released on 8th March (International Woman’s day) under the banner of Zee Studios and Pankaj Batra films.
Directed by Pankaj Batra and penned by Rakesh Dhawan, this film is an adequate balance of comedy and emotional drama with a strong meaningful message for society, especially boys. The story is about a guy (Gippy Grewal), who is bullied during his days of childhood due to stuttering and dropping out of school. He grew up with his maternal uncle around the court learning about the legal and court cases. Further, the story revolves around 4 girls who stepped out of their villages and towards the big city of Chandigarh, it talks about their journey and problems in their families.

It is a women-centric film and has brought forward many troubles encountered by women while working or even finding accommodation. When fed up with the girls decide to take revenge on guys teasing them and accidentally commit a murder. Gippy Grewal as the main protagonist helps girls get out of this lawsuit, using his skills and knowledge of the legal system.

Direction and story – Mitran da naa chalda is directed by Pankaj Batra who is the well-known in Punjabi film industry for his movies like Bambukat, Sajjan Singh rangroot, jindye meriye and many more. With this movie, he carried forward such a sensitive matter differently and more realistically with added hints of comedy to balance out the movie. Both Pankaj Batra through his direction and Rakesh Dhawan through his story have been successful to deliver a strong message using comedy.



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