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Upcoming Punjabi film exploring the lives of truck drivers, starring Amrinder Gill

Rhythm Boyz Entertainment to release a thought-provoking Punjabi film exploring the lives of truck drivers, starring Amrinder Gill, directed by Rakesh Dhawan


Rhythm Boyz Entertainment, a well-known production company, is gearing up to bring a new film to the big screen, which will center on the lives of truck drivers. The film is expected to star Amrinder Gill in the lead role and is scheduled to release on August 4th, 2023. Rakesh Dhawan, who has established himself as a skilled writer and director, is set to both write and direct this project. Although there haven’t been any direct social media posts from Amrinder or Karaj Gill regarding the movie, they have both dropped hints about its theme. Amrinder recently teased his followers on social media about wrapping up filming for the project. Fans of Punjabi cinema are eagerly anticipating the release of this new film, with expectations of a compelling and thought-provoking exploration of the lives of truck drivers, under the direction of Rakesh Dhawan. The audience is excited to see Amrinder Gill in a new and unique role.

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This upcoming movie has the potential to shed light on the trucking industry’s lives, an industry that is often overlooked in Punjabi cinema. The film’s plot is yet to be revealed, but it is believed that it will revolve around the struggles, sacrifices, and daily lives of truck drivers, providing a closer look at their journey on the road. The film’s makers have taken a different approach to the storyline, opting to showcase the real struggles faced by these drivers rather than just their profession. The project will also highlight the experiences of the individuals who operate behind the scenes, such as loaders and cleaners, giving a more comprehensive view of the industry. The filmmakers are hoping that this movie will resonate with audiences across the country, especially those who have a connection with the trucking industry. Overall, this upcoming project has generated a lot of interest among fans of Punjabi cinema, and everyone is eagerly waiting for its release to witness the magic created by the talented team behind it.



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